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Are you having an agonising time trying to choose between a basic buff and polish on the one hand and a complete renovation on the other? Are you unsure about what’s needed to bring your Cheshunt wooden floor back to vibrant life? Take a look at this list of services we offer at the Cheshunt wood floor sanding company to get a better idea of what we do. ​

We’ve been in this business for 20 years and cover every aspect of wood floor restoration in Cheshunt, some of which may be more applicable than others to you particular circumstances. Contact us by phone or email to find out more.


One of the top services with our residential and commercial customers in Cheshunt, floor sanding strips away the layers of grime to expose the fresh, living wood beneath. Our teams repair the boards and then use the latest dust-free machines to sand them down, ready to have the finish applied as stain, varnish, wax or other application as you desire.


Wooden floors are often hidden away for years under heavy carpets, stains and grime before anyone thinks of doing something with them. Our Cheshunt wood floor restoration experts have the experience and knowledge to apply the amount of TLC such a floor demands and deserves. They’ll advise you about what needs doing and then proceed with the necessary restoration work. ​


Repairing a damaged or otherwise jaded wooden floor is less traumatic than completely renovating one. This work may involve replacing one or two boards, filling gaps and perhaps treating sub-floor levels to preserve the floor’s overall integrity. This will prepare it for the next stage in the renovation process, which will be sanding, and later the finish will be applied to round off the work.


​At the Cheshunt EN8 wood floor sanding and renovation company we use eco-friendly stains, the latest to be developed, and you need have no fear of your property polluted by noxious chemicals. Staining is what gives a wooden floor that rich, golden appearance that you see in the glossy magazines. But there are plenty of colours to choose from, and you can use different ones for different rooms if you wish.


There are a great variety of finishes available for applying the final touch to your repaired and sanded wooden floor. These include such products as lacquers, waxes, stains and varnishes, and they’re all eco-friendly and free of toxic substances. Which is used will depend on factors such as whether the floor experiences much spillage, like a kitchen, where a varnish seal may be more appropriate. Waxing and staining for a rich, deep glow may be better for a lounge area.


Parquet floors are experiencing a real renaissance and homes and businesses in Cheshunt that are lucky enough to possess one need to bring out the best in it. This type of flooring does however demand a delicate, skilled touch, which is why you should call the professional Cheshunt parquet floor sanding team to do the work properly.


Often, all that is wrong with an otherwise perfect parquet floor is that a few tiles need to be replaced. As the old parquet will have been fixed in place using a bitumen-based adhesive, this unpleasant and tenacious substance needs to be cleaned away and replaced by a modern counterpart. It’s demanding and skilled work, so trust the experts to bring your parquet floor back to life.


Although this is a less invasive operation than renovating a parquet floor, it still requires skill, experience and a delicate touch to replace broken and missing tiles and re-bonding those that have worked themselves loose mover the years. The skills of an expert parquet floor team like ours, with years of experience in repairing the parquet floors of Cheshunt, need to be employed here.


Over the months and years even the most cherished and well maintained wooden floor will start to fade a bit. It may not need a complete overhaul including repair and sanding down, or reapplication of a finish, but you want the shine back. In that case, simply call us to have it buffed and polished. Professional buffing is needed to ensure that the floor is clean so the polish can take.


We use a variety of eco-friendly resins, silicon and wood slivers to repair gaps in wooden floors. These cause squeaks but they also allow heat to escape. They impact directly on energy bills and affect the floor’s stability, so filling them is a necessary preliminary to sanding them down.


When we’ve repaired, sanded and finished your wooden floor it will last you for years provided that you look after it properly. It needs to be buffed and polished every two years or so if it’s in an average family home, or annually for a busy office environment.


A wooden floor will make a great impression on customers if it is keep in pristine, gleaming condition. Our Cheshunt floor sanding team can work outside of office hours to minimise any inconvenience to your business.


Our floor sanding experts in Cheshunt have decades of experience in renovating and polishing the frequently large expanses of wood and parquet flooring found in schools. This is a challenging environment, but we’re used to it and we can carry out the work during school holidays to keep the inconvenience to a minimum.​


We’re very serious when it comes to environmental issues and are absolutely adamant that our company will in no way contribute to global pollution. All of our seals and finishes are eco-friendly and completely non-toxic. Both you and the planet are safe from noxious chemicals while we’re around. We’re past masters of applying the appropriate seal or finish for the wood we’re dealing with and for the particular job in hand.

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